Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just tossing some ideas into the air...

We have been working very hard and putting in some really late nights on this project. It seems to consume us. I just want a working kitchen. If I see another bowl of mac & cheese, or a to-go pizza I might get sick.

On a happier note I have put this together to see if my ideas work together. What do you think?

The Jefferson light has a polished nickel finish to match our contending drawer pulls here, & here. The Trellis Wallpaper is something I saw along time ago and just think would look quite lovely in a white kitchen. It will be pasted on the top 30 inches bordering the room above the bead board and trim. This will be my first attempt at hanging wallaper so I hope I get all my seams matched up! The Cabinets, Counter top, and the floor tiles should tie together our kitchen just right.


  1. I like the white/black/green theme, but am wondering about the mexican tile. It looks like a competing color. What are your thoughts on it?

    Wood floors to match your house or a gray tile (a shade darker than your counters) could look good too and offer better durability than wood in the kitchen.

  2. Corey...funny you should mention it. We uncovered the old original hardoods under the laminate and have fallen out of love with the mexican tiles. I guess it didn't hurt that the cost was much less too. We are thinking of staining the wood a whitewashed white, or a darker grayish brown. If we stay with the same brown stain of the other floors I am afraid it will look hokie. Tonight I am taking some pictures to post soon to ask for advice...I hope you stick around and help us!! thank you :)

  3. What would be hokie about matching the stain on the rest of the floors? I think it could help integrate your kitchen into the rest of the house. I like whitewashing and staining, but it may define the kitchen from your living space a bit too much...

    Also, what about knocking out the wall next to your stove and putting a breakfast bar into the next room there? Not sure you have enough room in the adjacent area and with the island to accomodate this, but it looks like it could help open up the space.

    For a similar color counter to what you are thinking I went with zodiaq quartz in meteor grey. It looks really light in the samples on zodiaqs website, but it's much darker as a counter. Also, what about doing your breakfast island in a different top, like marble?

    Now that my kitchen is done it's fun to fantasize about other peoples' kitchens. :-)

  4. Hey Kristin...thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet ya!

    I love your choices for your new kitchen...can't wait to see it when it's finished.

    I know what you mean about the mac and cheese thing. My husband and I have been living on that, pizza and salads since we moved. Ack!