Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Before the mess begins

We have hit the ground running and I am stopping to post the 'current state of the Kitchen' shots before we get any further...and before casahusband Rob throws another hammer through the wall...


Note the hole in the wall above - nice, thx Rob ;)

The dumpster is on it's way and we are more than ready to tear this scrappy kitchen out. She has treated us well for the first year of home ownership but its time to say farewell, ciao, aloha, & sayonara you broken old kitchen!

Just think, we won't have a drippy faucet anymore!

I am sure I will post along the way asking for some advice, a few design ideas, and some last minute choices that are still to be made.

**edited last section to correct grammer and some other odds & ends.


  1. What? You are getting rid of the teapot tiles? :)

  2. Jennifer: Oh I know - they are just too cool for this space. :)

  3. Thx for visitig my blog!

    I am so excited to see the progress on your kitchen! I LOVE white kitchens and just adore your inspiration pics =)

  4. There is nothing so fun as COMPLETELY TEARING OUT A KITCHEN. (Also, nothing makes you so creative about meals you can make in the microwave!)

    I love the open shelves in lieu of cabinets.

    You guys are going to have a blast.

  5. The fun wore off already, now I just want to cook and eat a normal meal. Luckily Rob's folks live near by so we have been getting a few delicious home cooked mom meals. The make-shift kitchen we have has lost its luster. I will not be able to eat Mac & Cheese, pizza, or mini corn dogs for along long long time after this. But on a good note the panels are up and we have started on the process of picking a paint color, floor tiles, and light fixtures….more soon. :)

  6. Progress pics coming soon! - been too busy outside the house. ie. work.