Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cabinet & Shelf Placement

Here are the rough ideas for the kitchen cabinet layout...

The dishwasher will be on the left side of the sink, with the fridge on the far right in this mock up. The kitchen door that leads into the family room will get a new look by being cut in half & will have a small shelf on the top. Excuse my not so pretty illustrations/computer mock up here guys...I enjoy drawing but no one said it would be knock-out gorgeous like the illustrations by Patricia of PVE designs.

We really want to use open shelving for most of the upper cabinet area, but I am still a little unsure about the corner upper cabinet. Does it stick out? What do you think about no uppers and all shelving?

Bead board panels will go on the bottom to height of 84". We are using paneling because the walls are in such bad shape due to old tiles and some bad plaster. We will take down all of the existing tiles and try to make the walls as flat as possible before hanging the bead board. Above the bead board after a pretty trim line I want to hang some mod wallpaper, which BTW there are way too many choices! Any tips you might have send um' my way! I saw this picture below and it made me think of the green lattice wallpaper featured over @ MaisonLuxe.

*wallpaper love*

Well our kitchen is completely torn out now. We had the electric people start running the new lines yesterday, they will finish up by Friday...just in time for us to kick some butt this weekend. More on the wallpaper decision soon, oh lighting, floor tiles, & hardware too!

**edit: added missing illustration ~ enjoy!

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