Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kitchen Lighting

Choosing a light fixture for this kitchen has not proven easy. We can not decide on a light, or finish! Nothing at the "big box stores" seem to even be close to what I want so we won't even bring those choices to the blog table.

I have been liking several of the lights over at Rejuvenation. We need one light for the middle of the room above the island, and one that matches that is smaller to go above the sink. But which ones??? All of these would work in both locations- that doesn't make it any easier on us! The hardware in the room (sink faucet, knobs, pulls) will be polished nickel, but the oil rubbed bronze fits our home as well.

Option #1 Rose City (oil rubbed bronze, and polished nickel)

Option #2 (tiny but mighty) Russell

Option #3 The Jefferson

These are all great lights...


  1. I tried 3x to fix the font size. sorry. no such luck. blogger gets on my nerves.

  2. I vote for one of the flush ones for above the sink, and one of the pendant ones for o ver the island. Could you do TWO over the island? That couldlook really sharp!

  3. Jennifer: I would like to do two above the island like I see in so many neat kitchens online but I am afraid my kitchen might be too small for them both...back to drawing board! :)

  4. I have the jefferson in my kitchen with the nickel finish. The globe is a little different than pictured here.