Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Day In The Garden

Things have been a little crazy around here for the past few weeks. We live up on the east bluff so all the flooding in the St. Louis area has not affected us, but that's not to say we do not care. It has been a trying week for many in the area, & for those who have family near by. Here is a video I found via YouTube that sums it up pretty well in under minute. (VIDEO LINK) As long as the rain stays away we should be okay and this will be gone soon.

On the casa front we have been busy in the garden and getting into a routine of mowing every few days to keep all the grass under control.

We have had some luck with the front flower bed that has several perennials blooming with no effort at all! I'd like to think I helped, but really they just popped up and keep on blooming. For those who remember, while my friend Summer was in town she prevented me from pulling some of these, as I thought they where weeds. Glad I listened, and waited it out. Such beauty.

The lavender is just about to bloom, and the "mystery" pink flowers are so pretty.
What kind are these?

My garden staple. Daisies. I love them all.

I think the lilies are my favorite - they just glow with beauty

Well summer is underway ~ more changes and updates on the rise...

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