Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baring all, for all to see...

So you will all now know the truth. The nitty-gritty truth about just how we rate on this planet with our "carbon footprint". Sorta. The term carbon footprint is a highly talked about subject on TV and in many magazines, but have you actually looked to see if any of the changes you and your house have made are really helping Mother Earth? Well I got a little curious...and I was in for a bit of a surprise. Our house is old, has no insulation, and heats horribly. Recently Kim over at FourBedsTwoBaths got really curious and had an energy expert come to her house, she is very brave. I am too much of a sissy for that, and stuck to a safe, short, simple online quiz. As if these quizzes are really accurate...

Yep, I know my house is bad. But we do try: All or most of our lights are using compact fluorescent bulbs; we have hardwood floors with rugs instead of carpet in half of the house; most of our windows are newer and Energy Star certified.

The online quiz rated us as a “Medium Footprint”:
Nice job, green queen -- you're definitely doing your part, and it's appreciated by future generations! Now think about how you can make even more improvements. Is there one area where you scored particularly low -- for instance, water conservation or driving? Consider how you can do better.

So I guess we are not that bad...according to an all knowing online quiz. But if you ask me we have a lot to work on.

Here is my TO DO GREEN list for the summer:

-remove the old carpet from the guest room & replace with a enviro. friendly hard surface like bamboo or cork
-purchase an energy efficient refrigerator and dishwasher
-create and plant a raingarden at the bottom of our hill - like this one
-start conserving rain water for outside plants with a rain barrel
-purchase a bicycle so that if I wanted to ride vs. drive I could (from here)
-use our local free cycle program to get rid all the unused stuff in our basement -
-utilize our land for growing our rabbit’s food instead of buying it at the local pet store

Well I think this is a good start. This is just in time as my childhood friend Summer – and organic landscaper by trade is on her way up from Florida to see us, and give us a hand on our yard. She is very good at things like plants, flowers & dirt…as I am better at picking out a new color palette for my family room.

(Summer and I back in June06' right after Rob and I tied the knot)

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