Monday, March 31, 2008

The great debate of the lighting fixture. Over the weekend Rob and I shopped for a new dining room light with no luck. We want something that is classic but still has a little eclectic flair. So many lights to choose from...I love them all.

The dining room is "in progress" currently but here is a sneak peak of what we are thinking about:

We are keeping our current table but staining it a dark brown because of this "oops". I love this table so I am willing to work with it. The chairs are going to be sanded and painted white, with a glossy finish. I love the eclectic look of a few different chairs all painted the same color. I want an old hutch that is worn in with time, but for now I think we will use the simple Ikea expedit bookshelf until I find the perfect one.

So let us know your thoughts about the lighting...I am really hoping for some good ideas to move this project forward.

Oh and our old light is for sale HERE on Craigslist St.Louis.


  1. I like your mood board and layout! Of the lighting, I like the last one the best, probably because I like the wider shape. I noticed all the opaque glass shades are uplit... great thing. I personally don't like sitting under lights where you can see the actual bulb.

    Other suggestions: you could go with something like this
    or this or even two mini chandeliers over the table.

    Good luck finding something you love!

  2. I like the first light the best.... the second one is pretty cool, too.

  3. I love all your colors of the room.. especially the fabric...I like the pottery barn one, I think it's design goes with the furnature best. johnnie

  4. I really like the last light the best....but Im wondering maybe a rectangular light might be better scaled for your table. I know it has rounded edges but from the photo it definitely looks like a rectangle to me.