Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dining Room Reveal

Sorry I have been gone for sooo long, and sorry that I have been fluttering around on subjects. I will do better - I mean it.

We have been pulled in many different directions the past month or so, but I am back and ready to show off the new changes we have and will be making!

First and foremost...the Dining Room Reveal is ready! We where able to get new dining room furniture by pure chance! (thanx mo!) It was a little touch and go getting it - We almost lost all of it because the house it is from was being foreclosed on when we showed up to move it. After a little detective work, and fast thinking we got it all. I would share pictures of us getting the furniture but I flash to a moment when I am sitting in front of court saying, " No judge I had no idea that the house was not in the possession of the person who let me in. I swear, really." So I bring you the pictures of it all moved in to the newly painted revamped dining room. The set is very traditional, but high quality. It includes: a china cabinet, table with 2 leaves, 6 chairs, and a server. I will add my own spice to the room to overcome the traditional set, in time. And no we did not break into some rich person's house and take all this great stuff. It was all very formally written out that we could come steal these goods, in a legal sorta way.

edit** please excuse some of the fuzzy shots...I need a new camera. Oh and the "glass" doors on the cabinet and server are not glass at all. They are just mia until casahusband attaches the wood ones back on. *hint hint casahusband.


*Just in case you missed the mess you can catch it


*Note: The only thing missing is the crown molding - we are waiting for a cow to jump over the moon before we hang em'.

The light we chose has speckled colored glass, and the metal finish is similar to the copper window fixtures.

Yes, I said copper. I scrubbed, and put some major elbow grease into these babies and I love them. They are my favorite part of the room.

Oh and we can't forget to the crumbling wall...



With lots of sanding and paint we made this wall look as if had never fallen apart. Magic & spackle I tell ya.

The only one in the fam that didn't pitch in to make this room a hit was Beamish. But it's okay cause he chipped in by excavating some holes in the front yard for me.

Thanx buddy.


  1. I love it! The copper hardware really makes the room special.

  2. Absolutely love the colors!!