Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mulch City

What do you get when you add:

35 over grown perennials from the previous owner $0.00
29 bags of mulch $92.91
3 bags of pea pebbles $10.52
1 bag of large gravel $4.26
2 gallons of spray weed killer $49.30
2 twenty something kids who have not a clue how to fix up a yard...

A crazy mess. It is out-of-hand. And this is only 1/8 of our 1 acre lot.

So we got ourselves ready for the fight and we battled one on one. We where not going to give

So we fought our little hearts out with that dirt. And we may have a winner. His name is Mulchy. See we figured that instead of "fixing it" we would just cover it up. By the time we had this plan lined up we where exhausted, and ready to call it a day. But we saw the light at the end of the tunnel. It was made out of glass, and was filled with beer.

So the next morning we bucked up and tried again, sore, out of cash, and wishing we had never begun this stinkin project.

casahusband hand spreading the mulch around to make things look pretty

We used red mulch on this side of the house to contrast with the bushes, and because I thought it looked nice against the bricks. We are going to use light brown mulch in the other flower beds in the back and other side of the house. I just hope it doesn't look too tacky with two diff. colors going on. guess we will see in the coming weeks...

Before 3:00p.m. it was like brand new again.

We even lucked out and found several old bricks buried under the dirt so we decided to put them to good use. It was interesting because many of the bricks had inscriptions on them like "Laclede's", and older street names from downtown Saint Louis. We think that the previous owner must have bought them and never used them, so we will recycle them and make them part of the landscape path.

The path leads down to our back deck, and massive backyard (seen here)

We even created an area on the side of the house for our hose, recycle bin, and trash can out of scrap brick pieces. Recycling isn't always perfect, but I like it that way.

The last thing we did was to fix our rain run off - It's not the greatest but it works for now.

So now you have it. We covered it up, and walked away feeling accomplished. Next are the flower beds and back hill. For now I will enjoy our lillie's that have started to bloom!


  1. The red mulch was a life saver in our case as well...

    We did lay landscaping fabric before putting mulch down to avoid weeds...

    Your lilies look amazing!!

  2. Sweet find with the bricks! We keep hoping to find something cool everytime we do a project on our 1920 cottage, but nothing good so far.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!