Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pump your brakes!

We have to put the dining room on hold for week cause it's vacation time! Rob and I are traveling down to see family and enjoy the sunsets...be back in a week!

I will not be posting until we return from sunny Mismaloya, Mexico. Mismaloya is a small town south of Puerto Vallarta where we will be sitting pools side until out little hearts are content.

Until then check out my Daily Inspiration links to the left...I enjoy most all house and design blogs so please leave me a comment so I can check yours out too.


  1. how'd you like mislamoya? i'm trying to figure out our next trip.

  2. We loved it. It did help having family who lives there though. The resort is a little on the $$$ side but well worth it. The taxi ride from the airport to the resort is about $45us, but worth it because the buses to and from town (PV) are a little crazy. Once you get to mislamoya you can take the bus to the end of the bus line (10 min ride) and enjoy a diff. beach for the day. Mislamoya is cute town that is very safe and friendly, with lots of good food, and places to sit and just soak up the sun and drink all day. Another great place we have been is Negril, Jamaica - we stayed at Couples Negril (an all inclusive that I give rave reviews about). Email me if you want some more reviews of these places. Good luck on your planning!