Monday, March 17, 2008

First we had gray/blue, then a green, then we came to an agreed upon color. The wall color we choose is Olympic™ D13-4 Stony Creek in egg shell. It's very earthy and warm, but has a very classy feel to it. It will look just great with the white woodwork and dark stained table with a brand new to finding a light. Any suggestions?


  1. I like the light that is there! Thouh, the picture isn't very clear on the light...

    The color looks great.

  2. Thank you Jennifer,

    The light is nice but it's not the style I was hoping for in this room. The po (previous owner) bought the light a few mo. before he sold the house.

    When I sell it I will post the link to craigslist.

  3. I love the windows - especially the woodwork detail...(casings???) not sure what they are called. johnnie

  4. johnnie - they are wood double hung bungalow style windows. I love them dearly. :) I couldn't beleive that the windows where in such great shape when we saw the house. This has been by far my favorite project taking them apart and seeing all the workings of these windows.