Monday, January 14, 2008

Bedroom UPDATE:::

We have been putting together endless IKEA nuts, locks, screws, & pegs...and we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! We have the bed and all three dressers up and are currently they are getting filled with our endless garments! yay! I will post final pictures of everything as soon we get the place cleaned up a bit. For now here are a few pics of the process...

The bed frame is together!
*Please ignore the temporary curtains/table cloths as I have not decided yet on a more permanent solution :(

I'm trying not to loose my mind on the third dresser...

I seemed like we alway shad one more peice to start just as we got one done.

Rob was so good about all the wigets and cranks that IKEA gives you, he was a great sport!

The wall below is where all three dressers will be lined will see...coming next!


  1. Oh I love Ikea but I hate putting their furniture together! Can't wait to see the finished pics. I've added you to my blog roll too :)

  2. We also have the MALM bed and two nightstands...we didn't need any dressers because our house has builtins in the master bedroom...we love our (cheap) bed!!!