Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Bedroom!
*please excuse the curtains...I have not decided on anything yet so these are just pinned up to block out the street light at night. Fancy huh?

now I have a small place to put all my pretty little things ...

Here are two throw pillows that have colors I might put into the room. The green one is a keeper (a Target find) but the other may get 'the boot' since it's not my favorite peice in the room and has colors I am not a huge fan of. I have a way to go on the curtains yet but so far so good. I am hoping to get a few samples for curtains this weekend and will post them for any ideas. The brown print below is a sample I found in the clearance bin and I'm wishing that they had a ton more of it - cause I'd buy it all!


Mirror: IKEA Vanna

Dressers: IKEA MALM


1 comment:

  1. Would love to know how you like the Ikea furniture. You have pretty much every piece the wife and I are looking at. I have my doubts regarding the particle board material though. Is the bed sturdy?

    Looks great though, much better than on the Ikea website.

    We live in Columbia, IL now but I'm form Edwardsvile and the wife is form Collinsville. I saw the Ketchup bottle pic and realized you were local, found you searching for info on the Ikea furniture.