Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back from the holiday! ~
We had a great holiday and with the several days off that we took...we got nothing done. I injured/broke/??? my tailbone after Christmas and it's been a little slow since. Feeling a little better, now I am starting to get our bedroom back on track.
Last night I ordered the curtains below in espresso (the same color as our duvet cover - also shown below)
Do you think the roman shades will look okay with the bed there or should we just leave them for the other windows?
A) With Roman Shade
B) Without Roman Shade
Our duvet cover which will be paired with moss green sheets...
Now we just need to decide on blinds the two other windows in our room. Privacy is most important at this point...I think that Rob has given the neighbors enough of his morning routine. So bamboo or roman shades are the direction I am thinking - of course we have to follow suite with the window behind the bed if we go with a roman shade for that one too. Let me know what you think of these choices with the brown above...

Natural Bamboo $44.99 ea.

Mahogany Bamboo $44.99 ea.
Or what about the same color of the curtains for the other windows - but in roman shade style:
Please share your comments...I need some direction here. Also the bedroom furniture will be here on Saturday so I will put up some new pics of the completed room very soon. Please comment on any ideas you may have...I love to hear form you all!


  1. I would suggest the roman shades if privacy is a concern if the suns out those bamboo blinds look like a screen door.

    If you went with the bamboo you'd have to rock the full curtains as well.. just my 2 cents :)

    You could also look at the wood blinds, plus they just look awesome :)

  2. Loving your blog, not sure how I ran acrossed it... but Im loving it!!
    I would do the romans.. just my two cents! :)