Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Okay I know what your going to think - It's right before Christmas and she is already asking for stuff on her blog... But hear me out, please. I want to add this to my "Wish List 2008" not my Christmas list - *although if i get it for Christmas that's all the better.... This is book done by Rob Ryan which a great screen print artist. I love his work!

This is for You
Book by Rob Ryan

PS. More bedroom updates to come -> We bought a Nintendo Wii this week so needless to say we have been a bit distracted - i.e. we are still sleeping in the living room and have not pulled the tape off the walls yet = we are lazzzzyy peeps (But it's all painted!)

Also we tried to drive to Bolingbrook, IKEA on Saturday to buy the MALM bed and dressers that we have been so in looking forward too, but the weather gave us ice and sleet and kept us from going north of Springfield, IL so we had to turn around. boo. We will most likely try to keep our savings and just stop off on our way back from Michigan after we see our family for Christmas. We where trying not to do this so that we wouldn't have the dog with us - oh well I hope they sell dog treats at IKEA cause he will be in the car for an hour for this trip. Poor lill guy, then I have to ride with him on my lap (ahhh) all the way back cause the furniture will take up all the room in the back. Fun, fun...sounds like another Rob and Kristin road trip.

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  1. Oooo the paint looks awesome!!! We just painted too!! my blog is at