Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Today seems to be going better than the past few. I got to go to work to work today (as if it's some kind of privilege) and so I get to sit and relax for most of the day. Our house still looks like hamster world but it's coming along - I must be positive. One thing I want to add is this cool site I found while working so very hard today: http://www.pedlars.co.uk/ click on shop and shop away - they have such neat weird finds like these cool phones.

I sure am glad that it's almost 3 o'clock. I know that I still have the whole week to go but I just want to get our house in order and have matching socks, and know where my phone charger is, and find my damn bras. Yeah I have to wear a sports bra to work because I can't seem to locate any of my bras. such crap. This gag device is so tight that it makes it so that I forget to breathe, and on top of constricted breathing it gives me uni-boob (where your boobs are so squished together they look like one big boob). Okay, on that note have a great day and be thankful that you got to wear a regular bra today. (I am going to regret this post I knopw it)

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