Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I rushed home from work last night because I called BB&Beyond and they finally had the black and white rosewood shower curtain I have been waiting for on back order for over a week. So I go there and wait in line and when to get to the front of the line the girl up there tells me that they are all out but they can sell me the display at %20 off. Seems like a deal to me! So I ask if it's damaged or anything and they said not just that it may have to pin holes from a tag, which I could care less about. I wait over a half hour for them to get someone to get it down, and they packaged it up and home I go. Well I ended up at home a few hours later and showing it to Rob when I notice it's the brown and white one, not the black and white one. I was furious. So now I go online to see both of the brown and black one on their web site. It seems I must have been going blind and jumped the gun because they make a brown one but it has a tan background and you can miss it. So I have the b/w one and should be happy as a clam when I get home and hang it.

So I also bought a few other things last night all of which need to be primed and painted white - so another "honey do" has been added to the list. I am sure Rob is getting sick of all the work, but it's all worth it for a great house. We both know it's worth it. just sometime we get negative becuase we are not used to all of this yet.

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