Monday, July 30, 2007

How do I explain the last 48hours-aka "The Move". It has been so crazy. We have no idea where anything goes or is for that matter. Shoes, car keys, phone charger - who knows...they are all there somewhere in depths of hamster world. That is what I am calling the walls of boxes that make the tunnels we use to get around the house. I feel like I'm a hamster burrowing in my giant box with all my cardboard. It won't be too bad for much longer but we keep finding things that are making it impossible to unpack. Our downstairs bathroom toilet has some kind of disease inside of the pipes so i decides when it wants to flush so Rob worked on that for about 2 hours before replacing the toilet seat which we thought would be a 10 min thing. Oh god and I won't get started about the Kitchen. It has just needed about 10 hours of elbow grease to get to a some what clean state where I think my food will be safe. You would think after I say all this that I would explain that the house wasn't lived in for months and so we expected it. No. That's not the case at all, this guy lived there for 25 years and swear to god he never dusted the ceiling fans once, he never washed his windows, and he certainly knew how to disguise the mess on the walk through. It's once we got the bones of the house we realized - this is going take a lot more time.

Okay enough babble about that - I must tell you that we are SO happy to be in the house! We are so excited about it all - we just need patience.

I will post some pics of my hamster world later...for now I am going to eat a healthy lunch and relax for the first time in days...but not for long I have to go do more un-packing after I eat.

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