Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Update: Kitchen Reno. Week 8

The kitchen is coming along well. We are still waiting on our counter top to come in, hopefully sometime this week (fingers crossed). We could really use the running water in the kitchen, doing dishes in the bathroom sink is getting really old.

This weekend we tackled the kitchen floor.

As some of you may remember we where unable to get the dream floor tiles that I drooled over. Well we got 95% of the gross black tar paper up and moved forward, chin up. So we rented a floor sander and went to work. Everything we read online talked about a drum sander. Well our helpful little-grandpa-guy at the tool rental has been a great help once again. He suggested this 4 pod type sander instead.

He said we would have more control, and much less chance of gouging the floors this way. He sent us on our way with the mighty sander and 3 hours later this is what we saw:

The hardwoods are so pretty! He was so right...the sander was easy to use, had a bag on the back and I swear virtually no dust! We still wore protective eye wear and face masks, but it was nothing like I had expected. Clean up was a breeze with this thing.

We haven't determined yet what color we are going to stain the floors, but a dark shade seems to be the talk. We bought some of the tester cans and are going to play with a few of them tonight to see if dark is the way to go. I love the floor in this kitchen:

I also thought whitewashing the floors might look neat...

Or maybe even a stencil...

Any thoughts on dark shades, or dark shades with light stencils?


  1. I'm partial to dark floors. I think the contrast with your white cabinets will look good.

  2. Me too...I like the dark floor. The floor with the stencils seems too "noisy" for me...steals some of the limelight from the rest of the kitchen. I know whatever you do will be beautiful though!

  3. I know I haven't posted pics of the tester spots yet, but the dark floor wins hands down. I love the contrast as well. Now we just need to make sure it looks okay next to the other oak floors that lead into the soon I promise!!!

    Busy day today btw. Still had minor sanding left after massive sanding job last week. Took us four hours today, plus we worked on the ceiling, Uarrg. This kitchen is never ending. We will love the end result.running water that is.

  4. Woohoo, progress!! Love the look of the dark floor against the white cabinets. Can't wait to see more...