Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hardware help...

Still no update on the counter top situation. They know how it happened but have not called me yet to tell me as to what they plan on doing to fix it. We shall see. So we will move on for now...before I go crazy and make husband sell the house and get a maintenance free condo. Oh how a the idea of a brand new place with all new floors, and paint makes me feel happy. As you can see I am so over this kitchen remodel...

We ordered the wallpaper...its not at all what I talked about here, sorry guys & ladies. I had a change of heart after the floors didn't pan out. I went with a light and airy birdy theme, and I love it. Really I do. This paper makes me smile and I think it's what has kept me going on the project, along w/beers, and a martini here & there. It's from Artworks Living by Patton Wall coverings - we ordered ours through Sherwin Williams and got 45% discount right off the top, it took less than 4 days to ship to :) So pretty. We also decided on lights from Rejuvenation! We ordered the Rose City light fixture for above the island, and the Lombard fixture to go above the sink in the polished nickel finish. They are being installed right now as I type!

So here is our kitchen mock up with the hardware ideas:

So which hardware set do you like most?

Set #1 _________________Set #2__________________ Set #3

~Mix & Match if you like~

Set #1 is a drawer pull by Hickory Hardware, and kelly green knob by Anthropologie

Set #2 is a drawer pull by Hickory Hardware, and aqua blue knob by Anthropologie

Set # 3 is the same drawer pull as set #1, and a Nickel finish knob by Hickory Hardware

I also liked these but am still unsure how they would look:



All from Anthropologie cause I am creative like that...no I just love them all & I can't help it. I am sure that after this kitchen remodel you will be seeing some of these pop up around the house :)

So which is your favorite?

a) Granita Knob teal
b) Bubbled Glass Knob pink
c) Bubbled Glass Knob clear
d) Medaglione Knob blue
e) Frit Flower Knob
f) Medaglione Knob black
g) Nouveau Knob green

I love them all.
Leave a comment with your lovely hardware idea & your email...
if we pick yours I will send you a cute lill gift!

Speaking of favorites check out Nicole's kitchen remodel (loving her hardware right now)...her blog Making it Lovely shows her great taste in everything. Nicole has many more lovely things in her shop Pink Loves Brown. Check her out!


  1. I like the second door pull and c) for the knobs. Nice and simple.

  2. Hmm, probably the pulls used for 1 3, but definately the aqua knob! LOVE IT! And that is coming from someone who's favorite colour is green! Love the wallpaper too. Gorgeous!

  3. LUH-OVE drawer pull #1/#3 and Anthro knob F. There's something so vintage and gorgeous about that black & white knob design.

    Can't wait to see what you pick!

  4. Your colorful knob choices are pretty, but I've decided I'm afraid of color, so I choose Set # 3 is the same drawer pull as set #1, and a Nickel finish knob by Hickory Hardware or the drawer pull and the clear C knob.
    Your floors look GREAT! Good job! I wish we had older houses to choose from and remodel in our area, but we get to remodel a house from the late 1970s which we bought from an indoor chain smoker - isn't home improvement fun... :) And I also like the darker floor stain with the lighter cabinets. You have very good taste!

  5. Thanks you guys! I need all the advice I can get these days!

  6. WOW! You all gave great advice!

    I think you all deserve a little cute gift :) Peachy Keen send me your info too if you will.

    We will reveal what we picked in the final photos.