Friday, August 8, 2008

Kitchen Layout

Now that we have the base cabinets all we need to do is finalize the layout, pick a floor covering, color scheme, wallpaper, lighting, counter tops, knobs & pulls. Oh and demo the whole dang' room. Yeah not a long list really. For now I have been trying figure out how to disguise our current refrigerator until we buy a new fancy-smancy one. The fridge we have now looks like this:

The idea would be to keep this one for at least a I better make it look cuter than this... What are your ideas?

Here are a few of mine:


via flicker

No matter what it's an old fridge in a new kitchen, but we can make due with a few cute changes. Oh and look at the girl's sweater in the pic above...she has penguin's for pockets - I love it!

Happy Weekend All!


  1. Whoah - the chalkboard fridge has me floored with its awesomeness. Details? I have an ugly old fridge of my own that needs to hang out for a couple more years!

  2. I had a fridge I painted in chalkboard paint when I was in college. At least it was a normal fridge before I converted it to a kegerator. :-)

    Just make sure you scuff up the front of the fridge with sandpaper, and use plenty of coats of the chalkboard paint.