Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kitchen Cabinets

As some of you may remember we have been trying to remodel our kitchen for some time now. The quotes we received where great, although we decided to take the hands-on approach to save a little moolah and to take on the challenge. When we bought the house we said we would do everything ourselves unless it got way over our heads. So we are sticking to our word. Right?

**Update - We are having an electrician run all new wiring. That's one thing we can't afford to be shotty on. Zzzap!

Lovely kitchen inspiration:

We just needed a push to get started. Recently I stumbled upon an ad on Craig's list for a whole kitchen of white laminate Merrilat cabinets that needed sold so they could remodel and get new wood cabinets. I was sold in .2 seconds. We picked them up last Sunday and they are sitting in our basement right now! So now we have the fire cracker lit...time to get into gear. Face masks, work gloves and a crow bar kind of gear that is.

Our current kitchen is well okay. It has lovely space (a squarish room of 12ft x 13.5 ft) and is also a pass threw to our family room in the back of the house. The current cabinets are made of cardboard wood as I call it, and the walls are plaster so the demo should be fast but messy. We would try to recycle our cabinets but they are just too old. I think they are original to the house...1920ish.

Here it is in its current state...

missing hardware, drawers stuck shut, perma-dirty white,
zero counter space, no room for anything - clutter upon clutter

The current sink is zinc weighing in at about 200lbs and the metal base is still in pretty good condition. I will keep it as a laundry room sink if we can get it down to the basement. We will have to wait and see until demo day. Happy thought - one day my basement laundry room will be clean and pretty like this:

Source unknow - let me know if you know ;)

As seen on Bueller Designs via Coastal Living

For now my dream kitchen awaits... more soon...


  1. This is too freaky for me. Just yesterday...literally 24 hours ago...I was remembering the picture above (the one where you don't know where it was from) and that I had it somewhere in my house but now I can't remember where I put it. I do know that it's from Country Home magazine though couldn't tell you what year/issue. So thank you for putting me in touch with the picture again!!!!

  2. Glad I could help renea & Thank you. :)

  3. Kitchen reno begins - how exciting!! Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  4. Thanks for the complements Kristin, I'm so glad you found my blog! I love love love the top photo you found in Country Home Magazine.

  5. Oh how exciting... a demolition. Photos please! Love your images... all so serene! A-M xx