Friday, June 29, 2007

Wow this is the week for birthday's. Plus our anniversary was last Sunday too. Let's see...Dad Goeb on June 27th, Karen Klemp on June 27th too, Rob on June 28th, and Summer's on June 29th - Lot's of birthday's for one week...but that's ok. So this week has gone by very quickly. Fast.verrooooommmmm. yep. like that.

I am putting the finishing touches on John b-day invite - here is what they look like:

I think it's really cool - it will be two-sided "ticket" like invite. neat huh.

online is all do anymore. i need a sport. i had dream last night that i had this purple dress on with Rollerblades and went to spring lake with out rob and saw all these girls that i used to know - they where very nice to me and i was not so nice back. They started oogling over my bag and taking things out of it all in a compliment kind of way and i grabbed the stuff and was just very stand-offish to them. I wonder why? I am really a bitch deep down inside. I knew it.

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