Thursday, April 2, 2009

We are back at it again!

Giant Orange Room -Attack!
The chair & couch where left behind by the previous owner, those are the only keepers.

We are back to work on the house and this time it's the largest room in the house. It didn't take us long after we moved into the house to figure out the orange room color just wasn't us. This room has gotten very little attention from me since we moved in. The chair & couch where left behind by the previous owner and I put a cheap table down and a fake plant...I really didn't feel this room at all. So it's time for a change.

The very flamboyant previous owner was a huge fan of bright colors, in poorly chosen hues. We think he painted in a drug-induced state because he missed sections, and globed on paint in all the wrong spots. Needless to say painting in this house is always fun. First we must assess the damage. Sand down his paint drips and globs. Then super prime the the walls. Priming is always fun because every color he left us takes like 3 coats of primer before we can even begin to paint the real deal. I used to love painting. After all painting a room gives you so much for so little. Thirty dollars and you have a whole new room. A new feeling, a new mood. This room in it's current state gives me the Halloween in March goose-bumps. Just like this poor dog gives me the "Oh my gosh, what did your owner do that for?!?"

Well we have a little prepping to do then we will add another layer of primer. YAY. More on this new project soon.

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