Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday...Kitchen love

image via Design Shimmer

I am standing on my head waiting for my kitchen to be done. really.

While I wait lets enjoy some kitchen love.

image via Jennifer Ramos at MadeByGirl

For more kitchen's see my new read: interior devine


  1. You must be so excited! I totally love that first photo.:)

  2. it's funny because i never used to be a 'white interior' person but lately i'm really liking the look. i LOVE the last pic you day *sigh*

    p.s. thank you so much for such very kind words on my blog. i'm very...flattered that you find it refreshing and down to earth - that's exactly how i hope it is to people who stop by to read :) thanx

  3. I design kitchens for a living, and I'm obsessed with white right now. I also love marble, but eeek! Not durable. Great pictures though, at first I thought the first pic was you, and I was gonna say "wow I love the flowers!"

  4. Oooooh this is going to be fun. I'm making some popcorn as we speak!

    Just found your blog...looks like a blast!