Monday, July 7, 2008

Minneapolis Trip - Continued

On our weekend adventure we rented a car for the afternoon and drove past some of the cutest houses in the Uptown/ Calhoun Lake area...I snapped a few shots for your viewing.

I like the modern take on this craftsman style home with the three car garage and pergola area above.

After we dropped the car off it was off to the baseball game we went. It was the Minnesota Twins vs. Milwaukee Brewers. We watched the game and then (still on a design note here guys...) we went to the coolest bar ever. yes I said it. The COOLEST BAR EVER. The Local - Holds the title for the most Jameson Irish Whiskey served in the world 2+ years in a row. I don't drink whiskey like it's going out of style so I thought I would have no place being here. Wrong. This place was amazing. The menu was delice', and the architecture was beautiful. They hand crafted the whole bar in Ireland and shipped it in pieces to Minneapolis, and put it all together. The pictures do not do it justice, and either does their website. (link)

Photo courtesy of "The"

I loved the charm and character of this place. Notice the gas-style lighting fixture above...they had several of these hanging throughout the bar. I found a light similar to this one on

We ate great food and took part in racking up their numbers for being the top Jameson seller in the world...We even stopped by for the morning brunch. I must say when we travel we rairly go back to the same place twice to ensure that we see everything. We stopped by this place at least 3 times over the weekend. Great service, great food, great drinks. Hands down. I promise. They didn't even pay me say this.

(left) Fish samiches' with a "special" dipping sauce - that I wanted to eat by the bucket full paired with a cup of Manhattan clam chowder . (right) my husband sampling some of the great beers and of course some Jameson.

Overall it was a great trip and we didn't want to come home to the mess that is our casa. We are moving furniture, painting a few rooms, hanging blinds and trying to keep up with the giant yard. We sure have our word cut out for us, so it was nice to get away for a few days.


  1. Pretty houses!

    Too bad you like Jameson's. I'm a Bushmills man. :-)

  2. pretty houses.. I love the gray one. Thanks for stopping by my site!!!

  3. Nice photos...especially love the swing...

  4. Glad you had a fun time here in Minneapolis....and at the Local :-) Some of those houses around they lakes are pretty stunning, aren't they.

  5. Corey - I am pretty sure that my husband likes them all. This day it just happened to be Jameson :) Although I wouldn’t be honest if I didn't say he prefers Sailor Jerry before any others (dark.scary. kill-you.rum. is what I call it)

  6. stuccohouse - You live in a beautiful city. We didn't want to come home, and yes those houses where really pretty and very well maintained!