Thursday, September 20, 2007

Okay, okay... I know. I have not added anything in like weeks. Well two. I have been swamped at work...not really I have been playing on the Internet...I have no excuse.

My folks came in from Michigan last weekend so we went into super hyper mode for the house to make it look well -decent for them. I was walking around hanging prints on the wall just because I found a random nail. It's bad. they did not seem to care a bit though. they thought the place was just charming. The guest room was thrown together faster than any room I have ever done..but it worked out well (will post pics later...)

I have been surfing and I found this cool door knob from Papilo cute eh? Would be great for the old door in our kitchen.
well off to the post office...will post some pics later tonight...promise*

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