Monday, August 20, 2007

The posts may be thin this week as we have a very special wedding on Friday! Our friends Ange and Jeff are getting married - yay! Let the greatest party begin!

Aww aren't they so cute. Ange is a fantabulous artist and Jeff is a goof ball with a psyc degree. They are like family and I am so excited to go to the best party ever. Here's to you guys! CHEERS!


So lets blog or whatever...(da na na chica chica na na) or some music of your choice....yes i made that up...ima dork.

I have not updated you all much on the house situation cause well...we haven't really been decorating much, as we kind of hit a few road blocks. We are never home, and starting today we will have one free weekend in the next 6 weeks. boo. So I think that the decorating of the home has been put on the back burner. We did mow that massive lawn this weekend and oh boy - that sh*t took forever. (3 hours!)

I also have been unpacking the upstairs and have finally gotten my makeup and hair products into the bathroom. yay! So now it's just a matter of picking some paint for the bathroom and I think we might be done?!?? I want to paint the walls a nice creamy color of green or yellow - what do you think?

The floors are an light ivory with a pink hue. the walls are this fake pink/peach tile covering with the current accent color being black - this can change too. Any ideas please send them my way!!!

Here a few ideas that I ahve found searching the net - nothing really pops out at me though... I know i got at least of these from a another blog site and i want to thank you but I can't find your really sorry and I will add them as soon as I find them.

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