Thursday, July 26, 2007

The cleaning seems to be almost over with but that only means one thing... moving time. Lots of boxes and no people. Oh what fun this should be. I am too gitty to work right now, all i can think about it decorating the house and making it "bitchin" or whatever you all call it. All i think about it colors for the walls, furniture placement in each room, light fixtures...the list could go on for I will share a bit of it along the way. I will share the downfalls of an older home that become good points as time goes on. Slowly the house is becoming ours and slowly we will help the house shed its ugly shell and let it show us how great it is. The whole thing is so cool to me, I love houses and furniture so being a first time home owner is like heaven compared to the crappy old apartments and old rentals I have been in. I love the ideas below - they inspire me.

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